Meet the Maker

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my online shop!

A little about me….

My name is Jen. I am a creative trapped in an accountant’s body. I love to make ALL.THE.THINGS. How does the saying go? Why buy something for $7 when you can spend $92 on craft supplies and make it yourself? GUILTY!  

I have been selling my crafty creations since 2010 at arts and crafts shows and I LOVE it. I love meeting people and sharing a laugh with them. It is absolutely my favorite way to spend my weekends after a long week of counting beans (a little accounting humor for you).

Some of you are probably wondering….“Dandy Like Candy?? Where did that name come from?” Well..”dandy like candy” is what I always respond when someone asks how I am doing. It’s a silly thing but an unexpected response and it always makes people smile, laugh or comment. I like to create items that also make people smile, laugh or comment so I thought why not?? The phrase is a true extension of my personality and as you browse through my store you will see the same sassy vibe throughout.

Everything you see in my shop, I make myself. I am a one man band. No little elves running around. I would love maybe 2 or 3 clones of myself around but that’s a whole lot of Jen to deal with!

Thanks again for stopping by! If you ever see me hustling my wares at a local art show, please stop by and say hello! I would love to meet you!